rm 336

energy is the force behind each of us we all give it and we receive it
from hello to goodbye your energy is force and it either pushes or pulls
what happened in room 336 was the result of what happens when
two beings come together and allow their energy to collide in such a beautiful way
something so beautiful like the eclipse
seriously the only way you could have caught what went down in that room is if you had some special glasses or if you were him or her
i spoke of energy earlier and from the turn of the corner it was as if his energy and her energy were just pulling them to each other
when their eyes locked something else did to
“when I first saw you I just seen your eyes and how beautiful you are and I could tell you have a heavy heart like me”
the words were fuel to an already burning fire inside of her
“i just want to kiss it” and just as fast as the fire went up it burned out by the flood released from her pt.2
she was a woman of many words but in this moment she found herself with few
“what you thinking about?” locking eyes with the girl who seemed to have turned mute and deaf
sipping his water allowed her to come up with a reply “nothing.”
“stop lying before I throw this water on you”
from day one he knew how to make her laugh and after that statement she did just that
“i feel like that water right now…” she said while pulling the door to enter the building
“you wet”
back on the job back to the third floor back to room 336
wondering if she should have stayed and continued the conversation
if hes going to come find her back on the job but mind is off of work
mind is on him and clearly his was on her because in the doorway
stood everything she was thinking about
welcoming himself into the room and onto the couch near the window
“come sit right here” she turned around to see what “right here” was
it was the marble coffee table in front of the couch
she turns around to continue wiping down the table and looks at him in the mirror placed above and again their eyes lock and they begin the conversation through the mirror
“why?” “so i can kiss it” he seems to leave her speechless often
– – – your pt.2 ever throb so hard you mistake it for your heartbeat – – –
if she didn’t do what he said she would have fainted anyway
so either way she would be siting so she just decided to go with his version
once seated the conversation stopped eyes locked and action became the new form of communication
he did more than kiss it
how he starred in her eyes he did the same down there
how he kissed her pt.2 he did the same when he came up
still on his face their first kiss she tasted herself
“i want to feel you” and he made sure she felt every part of him
forgetting their on the clock in that moment they both become prostitutes (im ctfu)
in amazing moments time moves slow/fast
in the moment it seemed to last forever
once it was over you realize it didn’t last long enough
3 is my favorite number the trinity
they blessed room 336

One thought on “rm 336

  1. How sexy spontaneous seat cringing pt2 throbbing it’s like I was reading a sexy urban novel after each word I wanted to know what happened next omg I loved every minute of it I can’t wait to read more!!!


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